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明升真人 聊球学英语9:一轮五赛望枪手,终夺足总阿森纳

2020-02-28 13:08

When Arsenal won the FA Cup ... after playing four replays in the same round


Managers upset about playing one replay should remember that Arsenal faced Sheffield Wednesday five times in 1979


Top-flight teams can now win the FA Cup by playing 540 minutes of football. In January 1979, it took Arsenal that long to make it through the third round. Their victory against Manchester United in the final has gone down in FA Cup folklore because of five dramatic minutes at the end of the match – when Arsenal threatened to pull defeat from the jaws of a comfortable victory – but the start of their cup run was just as agonising for players and fans. Their third-round tie with Sheffield Wednesday was an FA Cup marathon that just kept on giving.


The late 1970s were not an easy time for Wednesday. They were languishing in the old Third Division and had looked in danger of falling into the fourth tier before Jack Charlton took over as their manager in October 1978. By the time they faced Arsenal in January, Wednesday were firmly entrenched in mid-table and ready to test Terry Neill’s side. 

20世纪70年代晚期对谢周三来说是一段艰难的日子。在1978年10月Jack Charlton成为球队主教练之前,他们在第三级别的联赛一连倒退,甚至有降入第四级别联赛的危险。到了1979年1月对阵阿森纳时,谢周三已经安详在积分榜中游,并且准备好了往会一会Terry Neill率领的阿森纳。

(在两边的第二次重赛,即当轮比赛的第3次对阵, Steve Gatting射门。图片来源:卫报)

1. Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Arsenal, Hillsborough, 6 January

1. 谢菲尔德星期三1-1阿森纳,希尔斯堡球场,1979年1月6日

If the FA Cup used to be a great leveller, the bumpy pitches played their part. With Britain experiencing a cold snap during January 1979, only four matches were played on FA Cup third round weekend. The pitch at Hillsborough passed an inspection, although Neill was far from happy about it. Even though 100 volunteers cleared the snow off the pitch – each receiving a free ticket to the match for their efforts – the surface was rock solid. Arsenal took 70 pairs of boots to the game to cover all eventualities.


Naturally, Liam Brady still managed to look elegant, but it was a lottery for most players, as Neill complained afterwards. Pat Jennings had a difficult afternoon and Willie Young played like “a giraffe on a frozen pond” according to James Mossop in the Express.

Liam Brady能够很自然的让本身望上往比较优雅,但是正如Neil诉苦的那样,对其他大无数球员来说在云云的场地上踢球就是碰幸运。按照《每日快报》的James描述,Pat Jennings一整个下昼都踢得很艰难,而Willie Young则“像一只在结冰水池上的长颈鹿”。

Alan Sunderland’s header gave Arsenal a 1-0 lead at the break, but the second half was delayed when Jennings was subjected to a bombardment of snowballs from the Kop. An announcement was made over the PA system appealing for the fans to stop, with Charlton and referee Tony Read also trying to calm the blizzard.

中场修整前,Alan Sunderland的头球协助阿森纳1-0领先。由于Jennings被望台球迷扔雪球攻击,下半场比赛被迫推迟。随后,球场广播呼吁球迷停留扔雪球,Charlton和主裁Tony也在劝两边镇静。

Whether or not the barrage of snowballs impacted Jennings is debatable, but he made an uncharacteristic mistake for the Wednesday equaliser. When Dennis Leman was slipped in down Arsenal’s right, the goalkeeper charged from his line as if he expected Leman to shoot. The Wednesday midfielder dinked in a cross instead, allowing Jeff Johnson to head into an unguarded net. With honours even, the teams would have to meet at Highbury three days later.

不清新是不是受到了雪球攻击的影响,Jennings在下半场犯了一个矮级舛讹,导致比分被谢周三扳平。那时,Dennis Leman正从阿森纳右路杀入,门将以为Leman打算射门,于是舍门而出上前封堵。不过,谢周三中场却横传找到Jeff Johnson,后者成功将球送入空门。平局之后,两边三天后将在海布里球场重赛。

2. Arsenal 1–1 Sheffield Wednesday, Highbury, 9 January

2. 阿森纳1-1谢菲尔德星期三,海布里球场,1979年1月9日

Arsenal looked vulnerable in the first replay. Roger Wylde gave Wednesday the lead in the 45th minute and Chris Turner produced some heroics in goal. Just when it looked like the hosts would go out, up popped Brady with an equaliser in the 88th minute. David Price hit the post for Arsenal in extra time, but the teams could not be separated.

在这第一场重赛中,阿森纳望上往好像一触即溃。Roger Wylde在45分钟时的进球协助谢周三领先,Chris Turner也众次上演英勇扑救。眼望主队将被镌汰,Brady站了出来,在第88分钟扳平比分。阿森纳的David Price在补时阶段射门击中立柱。最后,两边握手言和,重赛将再次上演。

“I was stood looking at the big clock and thought we were through,” said Charlton after the match. The Wednesday manager had the option of tossing a coin for home advantage in the next replay, but he wanted to take the show on the road instead. “I want a neutral ground and I believe – as our lads most certainly do – that we can now take Arsenal and maybe go a very long way in the competition.” So the teams set off for Filbert Street.

Charlton 赛后说道:“吾望着比赛时钟,想着吾们终于又坚持下来了”。这位谢周三的主帅正本能够经由过程掷硬币的手段争夺在谢周三的场地重赛以获得主场上风,但是他选择了屏舍。“吾期待在中立场地进走比赛,吾和吾的幼伙子们都笃信吾们能击败阿森纳,并在这次杯赛中走得更远。”因此,两边选择菲尔伯特街球场行为下次重赛场地。

3. Sheffield Wednesday 2–2 Arsenal, Filbert Street, 15 January

3. 谢菲尔德星期三2-2阿森纳,菲尔伯特街球场,1979年1月15日

Arsenal signed midfielder Brian Talbot for a club record fee of £450,000 before the game in Leicester. Although he was not cup tied, he was ineligible for the third round. In the end, he had a long wait to see if Arsenal would make it through to face Notts County in the fourth round. The saga just kept rolling on and on.

在这场莱斯特城之战前,阿森纳以创俱笑部记录的45万英镑转会费签下了中场球员Brian Talbot。固然他异国杯赛出场局限,但是在第三轮比赛中他还不及出场。因此,他必须耐性期待,望阿森纳能否晋级,并在第四轮比赛面对诺兹郡。他没想到的是,重赛还会不息众次上演。

The teams shared four goals at Filbert Street, with Arsenal taking the lead through Brady and then Sunderland, only for former Arsenal player Brian Hornsby to equalise on both occasions.

两边在菲尔伯特街球场十足贡献了4粒进球,阿森纳的Brady首开记录,Sunderland也奉献进球,怅然前阿森纳球员Brian Hornsby两度扳平比分。

“Arsenal had the class at times, but were hard pushed to match Wednesday’s bravery and effort,” wrote John Davies in the Express. In the end, Arsenal were thankful that Jennings made a fine save when it looked as if Dave Rushbury was about to score the winner.

John Davies在《每日快报》中写道:“阿森纳难的踢出云云程度的比赛,但是照样难与谢周三的英勇拼搏相挑并论。”末了,阿森纳也要感谢Jennings在末了时刻的精彩扑救,否则Dave Rushbury将上演绝杀。

4. Arsenal 3–3 Sheffield Wednesday, Filbert Street, 17 January

4. 阿森纳3-3谢菲尔德星期三,菲尔伯特街球场,1979年1月17日

The third instalment of the tie had been a thriller, but it had nothing on their next meeting at the same ground two days later. Arsenal fans were fearing the worst when Rushbury nudged Wednesday in front and then his goalkeeper saved a penalty from Brady, but goals from Frank Stapleton and Young put Arsenal 2-1 up with a quarter of an hour to play.

第三场重赛两边同样握手言和,比赛过程就像惊悚片相通刺激。两天后,两队又将在这边碰面。Rushbury为谢周三先拔头筹,随后谢周三门将又扑出了Brady的点球。此时,阿森纳球迷无疑是最重要的。但是随后,Frank Stapleton和Young双双建功,使得阿森纳在比赛还剩15分钟时以2-1领先。

The tie was developing the durability of a cockroach, though. With just four minutes left, John Lowey scored for Sheffield Wednesday to push the game into extra time. Stapleton gave Arsenal the lead again, but a penalty from Hornsby ensured that another date at Filbert Street was needed five days later.

然而两队之间的平局好像像蟑螂相通坚强。在比赛还剩4分钟的时候,John Lowery为谢周三扳平比分,将比赛拖入加时。加时赛中,Stapleton再次为阿森纳首开记录。但是随后Hornsby点球扳平比分,导致两边必要5天后在菲尔伯特街再次重赛。

5. Sheffield Wednesday 0–2 Arsenal, Filbert Street,22 January


Neill wanted to play the fifth game of the tie in Coventry, but Charlton preferred another trip to Leicester. “We’ve had two tremendous games here. I can’t see any reason to change. This ground guarantees the match going on again.” He was also happy for another reason: Charlton did not have a long-term contract with Wednesday but was being paid a reported £400 per match. The FA Cup marathon was a good earner for him. Neill also seemed to be enjoying himself, describing the tie as “a serial more entertaining than Coronation Street.”


Steve Gatting, a player whose position had been put under threat by the arrival of Talbot, gave Arsenal the lead with a piledriver of a shot in the 72nd minute. When Stapleton put Arsenal 2-0 up, it was the first time in the soap opera that either team had been more than one goal in front. Wednesday fought back, with Wylde grazing the post and Jennings making some good saves, but Arsenal held firm. They finally “got past a barrier of human endeavour named Sheffield Wednesday,” as David Miller put it in the Mirror.

Steve Gatting在阿森纳队中的位置由于Talbot的到来而摇摇欲坠,但是他在这次比赛中第72分钟时以一记大力抽射为阿森纳取得领先。随后,Stapleton锦上增花将比分改写为2-0。这也是这么众场比赛来,首次有一方取得1球以上的领先。谢周三奋首逆击,Wylde的射门擦着立柱飞出,Jennings也被迫做出一些精彩扑救。但是阿森纳守住了比分。正如David Miller在《镜报》中所写的那样,他们终于“辛勤地跨过了一个令人嫌疑人生的窒碍,这个窒碍叫谢菲尔德星期三。”

The aftermath,后续

A relieved looking Neill was extremely complimentary about the vanquished team. “Sheffield Wednesday showed their spirit and attitude to the game. They did the city of Sheffield and their manager Jack Charlton proud,” said the Arsenal manager. Charlton was also impressed by his team’s efforts. “We know that in four and a half of the five matches we were every bit as good as one of the best teams in England.”


The statistics of the five matches are staggering. The two teams played nine hours of football in front of 143,916 spectators at three venues, with the five matches in 16 days producing 16 goals and 10 different scorers. Arsenal fans who lived in London would have travelled more than 900 miles to make it to every game.


Nothing lasts forever. Perhaps the FA Cup replay marathons of the past should remain a fond memory. But surely – given the vast squads at the disposal of Premier League clubs and the money and memories that these games generate for smaller clubs – managers in the top flight can at least concede that one replay is acceptable.


作者:Steven Pye

来源:the Guardian



1.barrage [ˈbærɑːʒ] n. 弹幕射击;火力网

(1)The army has laid down a barrage.

(2)Whether or not the barrage of snowballs impacted Jennings is debatable.

2.vulnerable ['vʌlnərəbl] a. 易受抨击的,易受伤的

(1)Women are especially vulnerable to back pain because of pregnancy.

(2)Arsenal looked vulnerable in the first replay.

3.neutral [ˈnjuːtrəl] a. 中立的;无清晰特性的

(1)The feminist took neutral ground during the first interview.

(2)I want a neutral ground and I believe – as our lads most certainly do – that we can now take Arsenal and maybe go a very long way in the competition.

4.tremendous [trə'mendəs] a. 极大的,重大的;专门的,惊人的

(1)This looseness in molecular structure gives the material tremendous "formability".

(2)We’ve had two tremendous games here.

5.endeavour [ɪnˈdevə(r)] n./vi. 全力,尽力;尝试

endeavour to do sth. 全力做某事

(1)I wished the result of my endeavours to be respectable.

(2)They finally “got past a barrier of human endeavour named Sheffield Wednesday”.

6.disposal [dɪ ˈspəʊzl] n. 处理,处置;安放,安排

at one's disposal 任某人处理,供某人支配

(1)The main use of water in most families is washing and waste disposal.

(2)Given the vast squads at the disposal of Premier League clubs.

7.acceptable [əkˈseptəbl] a. 可批准的

(1)The salesman's attitude is simply not acceptable by the customers.

(2)managers in the top flight can at least concede that one replay is acceptable.






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